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Future Now Forum

Linköping, Sweden September 16-17, 2024

Future Now Forum

Linköping, Sweden September 16-17, 2024

Breakout Sessions

The breakout sessions offer an in-depth examination of the critical factors that earned Linköping the title of European Rising Innovative City. Engage directly with the visionaries and experience firsthand the innovations that define our city.

Themes for the Breakout Sessions Include:

Building a Strong Innovation Ecosystem

If you buy a new car today, it will likely include hardware and software developed in Linköping. When you open the map app on your iPhone, algorithms developed in Linköping are triggered. The same goes for when you start Netflix. But how is this possible?

Join us to uncover the strategies and partnerships that cultivate a thriving environment for innovation. Linköping Science Park stands out as one of Sweden’s largest and oldest Science parks, boasting over 650 companies that drive innovation in Linköping, Sweden, and globally with their cutting-edge technology. This year, we celebrate 40 years of collaborative innovation propelling the city, Sweden and the world forward. Linköping Science Park, alongside clusters in visualization, innovative materials, cybersecurity, AI, and the Internet of Things, forms a robust and enduring infrastructure for innovators and entrepreneurs to grow and thrive.

In this breakout session, we explore how Linköping has built an innovation ecosystem that serves as a foundation where various stakeholders, investors, and collaborators work together to drive innovations and promote societal development – tech with a purpose. You will be guided through some of the most significant environments in Linköping and meet the key players who make it all happen on the ground. Get ready to step out of the conference room and witness the vibrant, innovative industry of Linköping firsthand. Don’t miss this opportunity to see and experience the dynamic innovation landscape of Linköping.

Building the World’s Most Resource-Efficient Region

Every day Tekniska verken combines the work of delivering all the services a society needs to function every day with solving the challenges facing us all regarding climate adjustment. All our efforts derive from our vision of building the world’s most resource-efficient region and are aligned towards the goal of making it easy to live sustainably. And, we are on the right path.

Now, we invite you to learn more about what this work consists of. What happens with the residual fractions in biogas production? How are we working with removing fossil plastics from the incoming waste resource? What are the experimental trials in carbon capture about? How will we use the bedrock to store energy? This, and a lot more, will be covered during the breakout session Building the World’s Most Resource-Efficient Region, presented by Per Johannesson, Public Affairs, and representatives from our innovation projects.

Addressing an Ageing Population

The future of elderly care faces major challenges. The number of elderly people is increasing, the workload is heavier and recruiting staff is difficult. Therefore, all 40 nursing homes in the municipality have adopted new technology and working methods so that staff can concentrate their efforts where they are most needed.

To address the challenges concerning competence development, Linköping also implemented the EU-financed project Evikomp which leverages workplace learning. This method helps the municipality increase knowledge at an individual, group, and organisational level simultaneously. Since its launch, Evikomp has been implemented by 900 organisations across the region.

In this breakout session, we will explore the unique approaches to support an ageing society while ensuring health and vitality for all ages.

A Growing City

Discover the city’s peak in sustainability and community living: Vallastaden.

Vallastaden seamlessly blends modernity with sustainability, setting a new standard for future urban development. With well-designed communal spaces and innovative technologies, this neighborhood fosters a strong sense of community while thriving in a green environment.

Come and see what the future of living looks like in Vallastaden!

The City as a Testbed

Sara Malmgren, Process Manager, testbed Ebbepark

Robert Bäckström, Projektledare Nyproduktion Stångåstaden

Ebbepark isn’t just a thriving neighborhood; it’s a life-sized testbed for innovative solutions, aimed at a better future.

Join us on-site for a guided tour through a city district passionate about breaking new ground and pushing the boundaries. Experience firsthand its role as a testbed, a real-world laboratory, where new ideas and solutions from both business and academia are tested, verified and potentially brought to market. All with the purpose to accelerate sustainable transition.

Local experts and stakeholders who shape Ebbepark will share their insights on how to promote social and environmental sustainability. This is your opportunity to learn from a living lab and to dive deeper into the practical application of sustainable urban development principles.

Unleash the Power

In Linköping, we want to build mandate, empowerment, and strength in our youth. That is why we have the cultural center Agora – a place where culture, creativity, and young minds (aged 13-18) collide. The center houses a modern library, several stages, a café, a digital studio, a music studio, meeting rooms, a media workshop studio, and much more. The possibilities are great and many. The purpose is to create opportunities for meaningful leisure time and offer a meeting place for the people of Linköping.

The center also plays a part in building bridges. The municipality actively participates in EU projects, fostering knowledge exchange with partner countries in meeting challenges in areas such as integration, inclusion, and the ability to allow individuals to develop from dependency on financial aid to self-sufficiency. Therefore, Linköping has an employment initiative in business, especially in areas where there is a shortage. We live by the motto that everyone is needed, and everyone contributes.

We want to unleash everybody’s powers. Join us in this breakout session to learn more about how.

Life-Friendly and Innovative City

How can we make urban spaces not only innovative but also life-enhancing for its inhabitants? Join us for an inspiring walking tour in the heart of the city to find out!

We will visit several spots that are part of ongoing initiatives aimed at creating a life-friendly and secure environment. You will learn about the City center of the Future project, born from the necessity that as Linköping continues to grow, the city center must evolve to meet both current and future needs. Today’s rapid changes require new approaches, which is why key stakeholders, including the municipality, property owners, traders, restaurateurs and major employers, have united under a shared vision and a joint declaration of intent. With a common goal and increased cooperation, a denser, more vibrant, and multifaceted city center is created.

Join us in discovering innovative solutions, and share your own ideas and perspectives on the future development of life-friendly and innovative city centers.

Innovations that Make People UNBROKEN

Olena Pavlyuk,  Director of Lviv Bureau of European Integration.

The ancient Ukrainian city of Lviv has thrived in innovations for centuries. Its rich history, cultural heritage, and successful reforms have continuously improved the quality of life for its citizens, ensuring economic stability and democracy.

In response to the Russian invasion, Lviv established the UNBROKEN rehabilitation ecosystem. This platform fosters new ideas, goals, and missions, launching successful projects and technologies that benefit not only Ukraine, but the entire world. Our city strives to return people to normal life, offering second chances and teaching society to adapt to a postwar reality, prioritizing physical and mental treatment for those affected by war.
Despite being far from the front lines, Lviv still feels the war’s impact. The city faces daily cyber-attacks, missile strikes, air alarms, and long blackouts. Many have been injured or killed.

Join us in creating together Lviv’s UNBROKEN rehabilitation ecosystem. We can ensure that innovations continue to make people UNBROKEN.

Exploring the Role of Living Labs

Through experiments in real-life environments, Linköping and three other European cities define the future. Join us as we showcase their experience and discuss the structure and role of Living Labs in driving urban sustainability innovation.

Presenting the session and offering insightful perspectives are speakers from Barcelona, Stavanger, Enschede, and Linköping. Torill Hoel (Nordic Edge, Stavanger), Angela Rijnhart (ChallengeLABTwente, Enschede), Sergio Martinez (HUB 30, Barcelona), and Sara Malmgren (Testbed Ebbepark) will share their experiences and provide an inspiring point of departure for an interactive session aimed at identifying key strategies and components of Living Labs and Testbeds as spaces that facilitate innovation for sustainability transformations.

This breakout session is hosted by ULALABS (University of Labs for Transformative Societal Innovation). It includes researchers from Linköping University, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, University of Stavanger, and the University of Twente, along with their regional partners and stakeholders, all members of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU).

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